Volunteers can try out a couple of tasks before joining. Membership of the group costs £5 a year. While the group actively encourages car sharing/lifts, partial reimbursement of travel costs can be made, if requested. Volunteering brings many rewards such as improving landscapes, building for the future and making new friends. In addition if a member completes fifty hours of work in one year, they will receive a volunteer card which entitles that person or a guest (if they are already a National Trust member) to free entry to National Trust properties/car parks throughout the country and also 20% discount in all National Trust shops/cafés.

What Volunteers need to bring

Getting dirty is very likely and getting wet also if it rains! So volunteers need to dress accordingly, old clothes, waterproofs, stout shoes or boots are strongly recommended. Volunteers will also need to bring a packed lunch and a mug as hot drinks/biscuits will be provided on site.

Volunteering Information

Attending a task

In addition to the task list, members receive an email a few days before a task.

This will describe in more detail what that task will entail. Members wishing to attend, contact the task coordinator to confirm they will be going and also arrange car sharing/lifts if possible. Tasks start at 10am and finish around 4pm (sometimes earlier).

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