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(Last updated 16 March 2017)

The ‘Norfolk National Trust Volunteers’ group was founded in October 1996 and is a voluntary association to promote and further the work of the ‘National Trust’.

What we do

The group assist Rangers to maintain and protect land owned by the National Trust within Norfolk. Rangers would not be able to complete some of the tasks without the help of volunteers. Conservation involves a variety of practical outdoor work, such as repairing footpaths, planting/coppicing trees, scrub clearance/bonfires and fence building. Tools and gloves are provided and so is the training in the safe use of tools. As a group we also frequently arrange social events such as barbecues, walks and pub lunches.

Who we are

We are a group of friendly CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS aged 16 to 80 plus years, who usually meet on alternate Sundays. Members are not committed to regular work, they can just attend tasks that interest them.Volunteers don't have to be super fit, just prepared to give it a go. Members work safely and at their own pace, the emphasis is on having a rewarding and enjoyable time.


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